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Assisting tenants and landlords with rental rage relief
Hi Nic

As I let you know via whatsapp, the tenant's dad (Owner of the company) has paid the outstanding rental, however still requests that we cancel the lease, and evict his son, as he is not working for the company anymore.

I am impressed with the thorougness of your work, and your quick response, and if I owe you anything, please let me know and I will transfer it.

I'm away for the next two weeks, but will attend to any messages when I am back.

Kind Regards


Thank you so much for all your help, it was really effective and quick, will definitely recommend you if we ever hear of a similar situation.


Fondest Regards


Sarita Barnard

"Sorry I did not make use of your advice, just to inform you I did win my case today.

The Landlord MUST offer me alternative accommodation, My Deposit may not be deducted and I can stay on the Plot “FREE” until she has given my another place.


Not bad or what. Should become an agent for rental rage here in Polokwane…"

Hi Nic,


Thank you.


I told them that I contacted you and they let me remove my property without any hassle.


Thank you again.

Jvonne Botha


See the attach file for the acceptance to out of our garden flat end of September 2014.

Thanks for your assistants in this matter, all done now.

Gert Sarita Barnard.   

Rental Rage

We have been involved in the property industry for over 12 years, more importantly the business of property leasing, private or commercial. Our core business is legal consultation for tenants or landlords in resolving disputes and mediating settlements before engaging in


expensive and time consuming legal recourse.

We work within the parameters of the various property Acts as legislated by government for the property industry in South Africa.

As property rental specialists we can offer a unique service to our clients for any property related rental problems.

Rental Relief

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Hi Nic

Once again thank you for everything.  I really hope that at least I can get to remain in my place a bit longer.
Hopefully I wont' have to bother you tomorrow, but I will let you know what the outcome is.

Thanks again, I really wouldn't have been able to do this without your help.

Kind regards


  Rental Pitfalls




  • You may love the house but you will need to like the owner too.
  • Find out as much as you can about the owner from the agent or previous tenants.
  • Is he an investment owner who lives abroad or does he live next door?
  • If he lives next door speak to previous tenants about his respect of privacy.
  • Before applying for a rental home ensure that your credit history is clear.
  • Have proof of income and employment on hand as well as contactable references.
  • Compare different properties in the area to get an idea of the rental averages.
  • Make sure the agency you use is established and recognized with its own rental department.
  • Read the lease agreement carefully and ask the agent if you are unsure of certain clauses.
  • Be aware of penalty and breach fees and ensure the lease protects your interests too.
  • Ask for a copy of the Rental Housing Act to understand your rights as a tenant.
  • The ingoing inspection report is there to protect you, inspect everything. Cupboards, doors, locks, taps and lights etc.
  • Take photographs of any damages however small and make sure they are noted.
  • It is worth taking an hour or more inspecting the property inside and out to prevent a claim later.
  • The landlord has a hold on your deposit for maintenance and repairs unless you can prove the damage was there when you took occupation.
  • Do not make any improvements or do any maintenance without the written consent from the landlord.
  • If improvements are agreed upon ensure that there is an agreement on who benefits.
  • Ask for a copy of the Home Owners Conduct Rules if you are leasing in an estate or the complex is sectional title.
  • Be very wary of leasing a property “sight unseen” from the internet.
  • Make sure you are available for the outgoing inspection; if you do not attend the owner has Carte Blanche to repair anything using your deposit.
  • Ask for invoices to be provided for any cleaning, maintenance or repairs that the owner insists on.
  • You have the right to make good any repairs or maintenance and cleaning issues before the final inspection.
  • Ask for a statement from your deposit account and check it
  • Use a reputable agency to ensure that these potential pitfalls are avoided.


  1. Rental Pitfalls




·         Finding a tenant is easy; evicting a tenant is a complicated and expensive process.

·         Completing a tenant application form will ensure the landlord has all the necessary information.

·         If a tenant is unable or unwilling to provide all the relevant information, such as proof of earnings, proof of employment and contactable references be wary.

·         Be wary of tenants with sad stories and promises of cash up front who want to take immediate occupation.

·         Credit and reference checks as well as salary and employment confirmation are essential.

·         A comprehensive lease agreement from a recognized agency is worth its weight in gold.

·         The lease agreement must be explained, especially the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant.

·         The amount of people allowed to occupy the premises is important especially for younger tenants who might quickly sub-let every available room in the house.

·         Never allow a tenant to have access to the property until all documents are signed and the deposit plus rent are cleared funds in your account.

·         Show the tenant where the water shut off valve is and leave a list of emergency numbers on hand.

·         Explain the workings of all the appliances like pool pumps, irrigation system and the manual override for automated gates and garages etc.

·         Having a pre-paid electricity meter and telephone is advisable.

·         Remove items of personal or sentimental value or explain the importance to the tenant.

·         Two months deposit is preferred as tenants often don’t pay the last months rent, leaving the landlord with no funds for maintenance and repairs.

·         Completing a comprehensive inspection report will prevent disputes later, keep a photo history inside and outside of the property.

·         Act quickly the first time rent is not paid or is paid late, send a registered letter of breach and the consequences thereof by the 3’rd day of the month.

·         Follow up with a registered eviction/cancellation of lease notice 7 working days later.

·         Hand over to your attorneys for urgent court application of tenants to vacate the property.

·         Remember only a court can order an eviction.

·         You may also apply to the Rental Housing Tribunal at no charge but this could be a lengthy process.

·         Consult with a recognized agency with its own rental department and administration office that will be able to professionally handle your rental requirements, whatever they may be.

Nic Campher

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We will assist with and complete a formal complaint with the Rental Housing Tribunal, follow up and advise our clients until the completion of the dispute. The R.H.T has the same authority as a...More>>
Price: R 650.00
- Have the legal lease agreement explained or checked. - Rental pitfalls for tenant's. - Your deposit and how to ensure you get it back. - The basic rights and responsibilities of tenants. - What...More>>
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- Ensure your lease covers all the information required by the Rental Housing Act. - Be aware of the process involved for advertising, vetting and choosing the right tenant. - Follow the correct...More>>
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Unfair Practices Regulations include: -
• the changing of locks;
• deposits;
• damage to property;
• eviction;
• forced entry and obstruction of entry;
• house rules
• intimidation;
• issuing of receipts;
• tenants committees;
• municipal services;
• nuisances;
• overcrowding and health matters;
• tenant activities;
• maintenance;
• reconstruction, refurbishment, conversion and demolition
• effect of unsigned or undelivered lease agreement

Yeahness-thanks Nic!!

We really appreciate all you have done/doing!

Kind regards

 Real Rental Reason



Choose the location, the home and the price. Then interview the landlord. A lot can be learnt from a brief meeting, before you sign make sure you are comfortable with the owner and the agreement.

Real Recording Replay

“Take your stuff and move” – illegal

“I cut your power” – illegal

“I let a possible buyer in” – illegal

Ensure that both of you understand the lease and responsibilities, they are binding by law. If you breach you bleed with legal fees.

You are staying in someone’s home so treat it as your own. As long as the structure is maintained by the owner, and you look after the house you should have an easy marriage.

Check the fine print.



Choose the tenant, the price and interview, face to face trumps a mail to mail. The lease should be current and easy to understand for both newlyweds.

Real Recording Replay

“The shower isn’t working!” –rental

“My dog does not bark” -rage

“What avocado tree?” –relief

Relationships start with the best intentions, when they are contractual you should pay attention. You are signing a contract with the unknown; meet the prospective tenants before engaging.

Finding a tenant is easier than firing a tenant….